About Hedonia

Who is this club for ? Short answer - For any lady & gentlemen that follow the rules & philosophy of the club. The culture of the club is very vital

Rules & Regulations

Respect And you will be respected
  • 18+

  • Cultural behavior - Be polite - Be respectful - Be mindful

  • No recording devices or phones inside

  • No means no. There is no coercion

  • Condoms mandatory unless chosen otherwise

  • No drugs

  • Enjoy the hedonism

Zero tolerance

You will be banned & reported
  • 18+ is mandatory

  • illegal activities

  • any kind of drug consumption during the event

  • alcohol abuse

  • verbal or physical abuse

  • During the event Hedonia can banish a guest at any time, whenever the rules & regulations listed are failed to be respected.

culture & philosophy

the vital part and vision for hedonia

To be able to guarantee an environment aligned with our philosophy and culture of the club we carefully select each participant

Here are some of the things we focus on

  • Mentality & attitude

  • How you express yourself

  • Your vision & desire

  • 2 pictures of you for verification
    ( no face / nudes ) + call or video

Want to join us?

Complete the brief verification or get in touch with our team to proceed with verification